In 1982, Max Maurer laid the foundation for our success.

We have been building on it ever since.
Stone by stone.
And year after year.

If the right solution is missing, then we develop it.

Because technical progress is important to us.
Passion no less.

We are more than a company for measurement technology.

For example, a competent partner with solutions on offer.

We are a lot - but not average.

We take our profession too seriously.

Sometimes we are upside down.

Then when it comes to finding solutions.

MAPROX – the company

Punctuality is a Swiss virtue. Accuracy as well. These values are extremely important to us. Just like our employees, partners and customers. All together and each of us is significant when it comes to achieving our goals. And meeting the high standards. One can also say the quality of our results is based on the quality of inputs.

With this approach, it is only logical that we emphasize long-term relationships, open communication, and the solid production environment. After all, great achievements do not grow on trees, but arise from conviction, good will, and because many small things are brought together.

Maprox is now part of the JKS group

We have been part of the JKS Group since September 2019 and now offer you even more power through increased production and design expertise, but above all through proven expertise in automation technology.

Your contacts

  • Simone Grütter, Head of Maprox,
  • Pascal Graf, Head of Production
  • Laurent Gerber, Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Max Maurer, Board of director and former owner
  • Jürg Schulthess, Owner and chairman of the board

Maprox production

We optimise all processes using a modern production planning and control system, our specialisation is high-precision quick-clamping devices tailored to the customer's order.

Maprox team

Our faithful employees and production partners are our most valuable resource. As a small company, we place great value on long-standing relationships and a good production environment.


Continuous extension of production know-how and in-house capacities.

Maprox is certified

ISO 9001:2015 – PDF