General technical data

General technical data

  • Version Reinox
    Corrosion protection with additional heat treatment of the chuck via gas nitriding with subsequent oxidation; this treatment makes the chuck especially hard,  
smooth-running, and low-wear. Reinox chucks are oiled to make it run even smoother – perfect for measuring machines

  • Case-hardened, alternative designations
    Surface-hardened or Carbo-nitrided, thus also protected against corrosion

  • Altef® coating
    High quality surface protection for aluminum components, advantages:
    – High wear protection
    – High self-lubrication effect
    – Corrosion-free
    – Hard as steel: about 50 HRC (or about 520 HV)
    – Durable: For over 13 years at Maprox customers in tough continuous use

  • Anodized
    Certain aluminum fixtures or their attached parts are anodized

Used symbols

Blank version: un-coated steel


Outer clamping (e.g. shaft)

Inner clamping (e.g. ring)

Inner + outer clamping