VLK 15 W20 Mini / VLK 15-2 W20 Mini

Direct and indirect division using W20 collet chucks in precise 15° stages and infinitely variable

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Direct division with positioning cylinder

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PAR P10 Mini

Mini dividing device for direct division or holding with pull-type collets type P10

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VLK 26 W20 universal clamping syst.

The VLK 26 is a flexible clamping system for pull-type collets W20 (349E)

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ST Sine table

Sine table ST is a angle table with grid mechanism

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You want to check or label parts with an exact angle on your optical measuring machine? Then you are correct with our divider | With the well-known accuracy and flexibility of Maprox, collets and chucks can be combined with the divider of your choice to form a precise clamping system

Above all, our mini-chuck is a popular accessory here, as it precisely fixes small parts and hardly takes light away from the optical measurement due to the minimal width of the jaws

Technical details

  • Anti-corrosive (Reinox), see Gtd


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general technical data

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