Collet holders

ER16 PM, ER 20 PM and ER 32 PM

Pneumatic collet holders ER16 PM, ER20 PM and ER32 PM – for automation

Product details

ER32 PM static

Pneumatical clamping / release

Product details

SHG – with outer thread

For internal clamping of bushings and collars etc.

Product details


Rapid clamping with eg. Schaublin bype B and W pull-type collets

Product details

PM-100 | SHG / SH

Short-stroke cylinder PM-100 and pneumatic clamping device SH / SHG: for more rapid cycles and a greater clamping force

Product details

Maprox collet holders – a legend | Cutting machine operators know and appreciate them during their training | Very precise and at the same time flexible due to the different construction sizes, in combination with standard collets

For years also in the machining world in use, such as pneumatically operated in fully automatic automotive-parts-milling-centers or for measuring bearing components

With pleasure we to fulfill your special requests and discuss your individual projects – for example, the automated use on measuring machines (such as rotary feedthroughs, etc.

Technical details

  • ER32 PM static: Anti-corrosive (Reinox), see Gtd
  • ER16 PM, ER20 PM, ER32 PM: Rotatable, alu, anti-corrosive (Reinox), see Gtd


  • Many things are possible – ask us and we will make it happen!

General technical data

  • Here you find further information regarding our general technical data and used symbols