Vacuum clamping

The Maprox vacuum systems are unique in their flexibility and handling:
Flat workpieces can be fixed in the simplest way – even if they do not cover the entire plate | No workpiece is crushed and sensitive surfaces are protected | This is made possible by the microporous METAPOR® plate, which is used to suck the air downwards by means of a vacuum pump | Since lubrication is not required here, this system is also used a lot under clean room conditions



  • Thin-wall clamping (e.g. films boards, metal strips etc.)
  • Precision mechanics (Optics, clocks etc.)
  • Measuring and testing technology
  • Clean room

Technical data

  • Surface honed
  • Flatness and parallelism <10 μ
  • Body made of aluminium
  • Anti-corrosive


  • Dimensions upon customers requiremnts
  • Exact repeatable positioning: We also produce workpiece-specific indentations, elevations or stops
  • Further models upon request
  • Vacuum pumps


  • When using the vacuum systems, no liquid may be used (material porous)

Vacuum table

Type | Item no.
  • 10000.0030 | 10000.0030

Vacuum table

Type | Item no.
  • 10000.0010 | 10000.0010

Vacuum tables – Dimensions

Wording in Drawings
  • Masstabelle = Dimensions
  • Länge = Length
  • Höhe = Height
  • Breite = Width

We reserve the right to effect technical modifications and to vary the design.