Clamping equipment for coordinate measuring machines


This universal clamping system for the coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

Product details

NEW Precision clamping device Clamp-Fix

Test clamping equipment for the universal use on measuring machines

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Contour Fix KF

Contour fixation (KF) for the universal use of measuring machines

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25 mm Grid board

As a base plate for the measuring table

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Adaptation plates

Simple mounting of clamping tools on 25 mm grid boards

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Vacuum clamping

Micro-porous vacuum plates made of METAPOR®

Product details

Maprox measuring systems address the 3 biggest challenges in fixing asymmetric parts on the coordinate measuring machine: flexibility, speed and accessibility

Plasticine and full cabinets with fixtures are a thing of the past, with Maprox solutions offering an amazing array of clamping options – all in one system

From an asymmetric part to the next part with a completely different geometry, only a few minutes pass with Maprox clamping equipment until the new part is fixed |Especially the 3D-Flex-Fix-System offers a modular system of a special kind, see 3D FLEX FIX

Many measuring machines today use cross or star touch-probes | They need space, at least 50 mm freedom, if possible around the part | Our test fixtures are designed so that the part itself is held only with minimal fixing points, while at the same time the greatest possible freedom of touch-probes is granted

Technical details

  • Made of high-strength aluminium Altef®coated (see Gtd) or anidized, anti-corrosive


  • Many things are possible – ask us and we will make it happen!

General technical data

  • Here you find further information regarding our general technical data and used symbols