Clamping chuck Maprox AIR – for automation

The new Maprox chuck combines all the advantages of our manual chucks with pneumatic clamping  |  This makes the chuck fully automatic and controllable via your measuring machine  |  A true all-rounder with the well known Maprox quantity and flexibility – product flyer


Your advantages

  • Automatic: By simple on-off control via measuring machine (eg robot loading)
  • Rotating feed: Mounting on turntables welcome! Pneumatic supply via rotary union feedthrough
  • Low profile: Overall height of the chuck body only 60 mm
  • Flexible clamping range: Through our proven top jaw or pin jaw concept, or depending on customer request
  • Adjustable clamping force: Chuck opens pneumatically against spring force. Adjustable pre-tension of the spring at the top cover to desired force –> resulting in perfect repeatable clamping
  • Inner and outer clamping: Changeover time of only 3 min. through a unique change system by Maprox
  • Interface flexible: Shanks, intermediate plates, adaptation depending on the customer‘s machine set-up


Technical details

  • Diameter Ø = 160 mm (further diameters in planning)
  • Open with compressed air through the chuck center, with max. 6 bar
  • Clamp by means of spring-tension (standard part, exchangeable)
  • Jaw travel path (OPEN-CLOSE, not to be confused with clamping range): Approx. 8 mm


  • Top jaws for inner and outer clamping
  • Standard stepped jaws
  • Or with pin jaws, as desired
  • Jaws made of steel, coated or aluminum, plastic, etc.


In this video Adrian Zwirner vividly shows the various advantages and functions of the Maprox AIR – really worth seeing!
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Maprox AIR – for automation

Type | Item no.
  • Maprox AIR 160 | 197100.00

(picture: Air chuck without top jaws)

Picture 1: Outer clamping
Picture 2: Innerer clamping, by simply exchanging the base jaws and top jaws
Picture 3: Shaft or adaptation to your turntable individually selectable according to machine type