Clamping chucks JF ultra-flat

JF ultra-flat, type A, B, C, W, DW

Precision clamping chuck in highest material and processing quality including a set of soft top jaws or block jaws (type A, B, C or W, DW)

Product details

JF ultra-flat, type D and type D Reinox

Precision clamping chuck, also corrosion-protected (Reinox), in highest material and processing quality including a set of reversible, case-hardened, ground top jaws type D

Product details

JF ultra-flat aluminum

Precision clamping chuck in aluminum (anti-magnetic), impressively lightweight and does not cause magnetic interference

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JF Face plates anti-corrosive (Reinox)

Ultra-flat small face plates, anti-corrosive

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Shanks B, W, C

Shanks for all conventional machine spindles

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Quick Change

Quick and 2 μ precise chuck change

Product details

The original, further improved over many decades in our manufactory; in use worldwide on measuring machines of all kinds up to the watchmaking lathe | For customers who need precise, yet extremely flat and thus space-saving precision chucks | With up to 8 jaws, an almost complete workpiece-comprising fixation is granted

On request, we even grind your jaw steps to workpiece diameters defined by you | With the surface-clamping achieved in this way (instead of line or only punctual support), the workpiece is held even better in its shape during clamping

Technical details

  • Concentricity: 20 μ
  • Lateral runout: 10 μ
  • Repetitiveness: 5 μ
  • Blank JF clamping chucks are greased and therefore suitable for machining, too
  • Surface hardness: D jaws are case-hardened as standard, see general technical data, Gtd


  • Clamping chucks: Other sizes on request
  • Top jaws: Special designs on request
  • Anti-corrosive (Reinox), see general technical data Gtd
  • Even higher accuracies are possible on request

General technical data

  • Here you find further information regarding our general technical data and used symbols


Here you will find videos that illustrate following topics:

  • Manual change top jaws example JF Maprox
  • Manual service grease clean JF chuck Maprox
  • Correct workpiece clamping