Punctuality is a Swiss virtue. Accuracy as well.

These values are extremely important to us. For 35 years.

Accurate, reliable and solution-oriented.

Three confessions, one concept: Maprox. Since 1982.

For precision we stand with our name.

The same applies to reliability and service to the customer.

Swiss wormanship we see as an obligation.

We let this commitment be followed by deeds. Today and tomorrow.

Solutions for measuring and precision mechanics

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Size is a matter of perspective. Quality, on the other hand, is something absolute. An ideal that does not allow compromises.

Skeptics can now argue that quality is relative to the one that uses the term and depends on the contexts in which the term is used. In the field of metrology and precision mechanics, however, where we talk about micro millimeters, the requirements for precision and reliability are not a possibility, but prerequisites. And absolutely indispensable. Quasi carved in stone.

We have specialized in exactly such high requirements. For us it is not just a profitable activity but a commitment. At that time, in 1982, Max Maurer laid the foundation for this way of thinking and with that on our success, too. Since then, we have been building on it. Stone by stone. And year by year.