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From May 7th-10th, you will find us at booth 4/4408, in Stuttgart, at the exhibition Control. We present you the latest news and look forward to meeting you personally!

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Precision clamping device Clamp-Fix

NEW: Clamp-Fix

The NEW Precision clamping device Clamp-Fix – now even more flexible and more precise!
For the universal use on measuring machines
made of aluminium, 6 different jaws available....


NEW: 3D-Flex-Fix

NEW: 3D-Flex-Fix

The new universal clamping system for the coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
Individual parts of different or several identical designs with different measuring requirements can be clamped and measured in a very short time.


Pin jaw chuck

Pin jaw chuck

The Maprox pin-jaw chuck provides maximum touch-probe freedom through its small workpiece support surfaces – now also available in Ø 80 and Ø 160!


Product Highlight

Vakuum Table

Vacuum Table
80 x 80 mm at 100 mm height, for even better operation and accessibility.


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Interview with Adrian Zwirner, CEO Maprox GmbH
(Quality Engineering, Seite 26). Video

Damit das Einspannen nicht zum Zeitkiller wird!
(Quality Engineering, Seite 26). Fachartikel

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