JAW CHUCKS ZAS – made of high strength aluminium

ZAS – the aluminum chuck family of Maprox, from Ø = 70-315 mm, or on request also significantly larger | Hard as steel (about 50 HRC), with over 50% less weight – and the usual Maprox precision | In use since 2004 it defies the toughest conditions | Recognizable by the unique gold-bronze finish of the Altef®-coating | Including a set of reversible steel top jaws, case-hardened or Reinox (anti-corrosive, see Gtd) and ground

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Technical details

  • Concentricity: 20
  • Lateral runout: 10 μ
  • Repetitiveness: 10 μ
  • For shank diameter 2-371 mm and bore diameter 18-404 mm
  • Jaw chuck made of aluminium, Altef® coated, see Gtd
  • Ø 70-125: Steel top jaws anti-corrosive (Reinox), see Gtd
  • Ø 160-315: Steel top jaws case-hardened (anti-corrosive, see Gtd) and ground


  • Anti-magnetic
  • Soft block top jaws W
  • Top jaws also available in plastic, aluminium, brass etc. upon customer's request
  • Special sizes XXL see ZAS XXL
  • Even higher accuracies are possible on request

General technical data

  • Here you find further information regarding our general technical data and used symbols

  • Did you know
    that the proven aluminium jaw chuck of Maprox now has a significantly improved ease of movement with the same precision?

3 ZAS – made of high strength aluminium

The alu chuck family of maprox from Ø = 70-315 mm, or much larger upon request

ZAS pin-jaw chuck

The Maprox pin-jaw chuck provides maximum touch-probe freedom through its small workpiece support surfaces

Quick Change

Quick and 2 μ precise chuck change

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